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Security warning

Please save your wallet backup properly and don't share your private key or backup file with anyone, as anyone with your private key can transfer the assets in your wallet without your authorization. The core features of Teemo Wallet are offline, and your wallet data is randomly generated locally and encrypted and stored on your device. Once you uninstall the browser or delete the extension data, you can only recover it through the wallet backup, we can not provide you with the service to retrieve the wallet.

How to use the Teemo extension wallet?

You must create or import a wallet before you can use the Teemo wallet. Once you have logged into your wallet, you can use the Teemo wallet to send the transaction and transfer assets to others. You can also close the wallet page and go to the dapp you need to use and operate directly on the dapp. When you need dapp to collect your wallet data or send a transaction, Teemo will automatically pop up a confirmation page for you, where you only need to confirm or reject the request from a dapp.

How to import an existing wallet?

Teemo currently only supports importing WIF private keys, NEP2 encrypted strings and NEP6 encrypted files. If you import the wallet using a WIF private key , you need to set the login password; if you import the wallet using a nep2 string or nep6 encrypted file, the existing encrypted password will be automatically used as the wallet password.

How to connect a hardware wallet?

Teemo has not yet supported the hardware wallet, but this feature has been in the development plan and will be added in the subsequent release.

Why does the transaction always wait in line?

Due to the nature of the blockchain, all transactions are only successful after being packaged and confirmed by the node. NEO produces a block every 20-30 seconds, and the number of transactions that can be packaged in one block is limited, so when the network is congested, it needs to wait in line for the transaction to be confirmed. Since there are only 20 free transactions quota per block, if you does not add a fee to a transaction, its wait time may be longer than the transaction with a fee. There is also a special case where a consensus cannot be reached when a node is abnormal, which causes the block production to stop. In this case, you can only wait patiently for network recovery. When the transaction waits in line, do not repeat the operation, as each operation will join the line and will eventually be confirmed by the blockchain. Repeated operations can result in unexpected financial losses.

How to set up the transaction fee?

When a Dapp sends a transaction request, it usually comes with a transaction fee, you only need to confirm it. If there is no fee, or if the transaction is initiated by you, you can choose to add a fee to prioritize the confirmation. The manually added fee defaults to be a minimum of 0.001gas, which is completely sufficient for the current network transaction volume, so the free configuration of fee is not supported for the time being.

How do I continue to use Teemo on my new device?

Re-import the wallet backup file on the new device. However, since the data of the Teemo wallet is all saved locally, you will not be able to view the transaction history on the old device on the new device.

Why can't I find the functions to switch languages, add tokens, and more?

These features are under our development. In the next version of the wallet, our wallet will support language switching, auto-locking, deleting transaction history, multi-wallet management, wallet backup, wallet deletion, token management and more.

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