What is Teemo?
Teemo is an extension wallet developed by NEL that is the first of its kind to support the NEO ecosystem. You can use it to manage assets, receive and send tokens, and verify each transaction requested by third-party applications.
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Teemo's private key isolation mechanism allows any application to get limited account informatio--n under your authorization to keep your account secure.


When you confirm a transaction request from a third party, in addition to seeing the address and amount of tokens required by the blockchain, Teemo also displays the requester's website information, transaction notes, contract methods, parameters, etc. as reference information for you to identify.


All transaction details records related to third party information will only be kept locally and can be deleted at any time. Only simple transfer records can be found on the blockchain.


Teemo automatically opens when using a dapp. There is no need to open it in advance.The Teemo wallet supports NNS domain transfer, and third parties can also use the domain name to endorse their contracts.


Teemo is an open source wallet. All code is open and transparent, subject to review and supervision by all developers and users. We are responsible for every line of code and ensure the security and reliability of the wallet.

When users use a dapp, they no longer need to worry about the risk of asset theft in the wallet. It is safe and convenient to use Teemo to authorize the dapp login in one click.Developers don't need to develop new wallets, they can focus on application development by accessing the Teemo wallet for free.

Teemo and O3 wallet agree on the interface standard between Dapp and wallet and are committed to promoting the popularity of the standard in NEO. You can provide your services for Teemo users and O3 users and even all NEO users in the future by accessing Teemo now.

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